Colorado Mesa University

Award Estimator

Wondering what an education at Colorado Mesa University will cost? By answering a few easy questions, the Financial Aid and Cost Calculator will give you an estimate of the costs and even tell you if you may qualify for scholarships, grants and loans. We award lots of scholarships, so be sure to enter your High School GPA and ACT or SCT test scores.

If you are awarded a scholarship, take 15 credit hours a semester and maintain your GPA you can renew the scholarship for an additional three years.

In order to be considered for these scholarships, you need to have your application in by the May 1 priority deadline. Applications coming in after the May 1 deadline will still receive consideration, but due to limited funds, are not guaranteed a scholarship. Scholarship status will be determined upon receipt of your completed admissions application, official transcripts, and ACT/SAT test score. Students will be contacted upon determination of eligibility.

Financial Aid and Cost Estimator