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How to Stay Healthy at College

October 19, 2016

It may seem simple: exercise, eat healthy and get enough quality sleep, but for a lot of students heading off to college for the first time comes with an abundance of freedom.  So keeping these simple tips in mind while at college may help you stay healthier.


Colorado Mesa has a premiere recreational facility, Hamilton Recreation Center, which offers numerous options to keep you fit including a fitness area with strength and cardio equipment, indoor track, Olympic-caliber pool, racquetball and basketball courts and a climbing wall.  I’d recommend trying a group exercise class. You may find out that you are a Zumba superstar!

If exercising indoors is not for you, Grand Junction has plenty of outdoor options. If you are not sure where to start a great option is taking a weekend trip with the Outdoor Program. They offer a variety of trips for all levels of adventure!


Always be sure to eat a well-balanced diet including veggies, whole grains, fruits and protein. Luckily, it is not hard to maintain a healthy-diet when eating at CMU’s dining hall because they offer numerous healthy selections for all of your meals. They also offer options if you have specific dietary needs such as being gluten intolerant, vegan or vegetarian. The dining hall aims to satisfy the needs of students, so they offer a comment board so you can let them know what you think of their services.

Make rest apart of your life for the rest of your life

Getting enough sleep is one of the most vital pieces to staying healthy because of the potential negative implications that come from sleep deprivation. If you have trouble falling asleep you may want to consider cutting off your caffeine intake by early afternoon because caffeine can last in your body between eight and fourteen hours. It is also important not to pull all-nighters because the lack of sleep can cause anxiety, forgetfulness and impulsive behavior.

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