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How to Manage Your Time and be Productive in College

October 26, 2016

In order to be productive in college you should have a good amount of structure in your daily life. This starts with having a plan of what each day looks like and what tasks you have to accomplish. The best method I have found is to keep a planner that is color coded based on responsibilities. I have separate colors for school, ambassador duties, work, sorority activities, family and social events. This helps me visually see how each day breaks down.

In addition to having a color-coded planner, I also use color-coded folders and notebooks. This helps a lot when I am studying for a test in a specific subject because I can just grab the folder and notebook that are the same color and I am guaranteed to have all the materials I need. There is nothing more frustrating than showing up to a study session without all of the recourses you need.

As a college student you will most likely be involved in more than just academic pursuits. This could include involvement in sports, clubs or organizations and it is important to be punctual. Running late will not only stress yourself out, but more importantly it will stress out those you are working with. In order to bypass this frustration, make it a goal to arrive five minutes earlier than the set time.

One of my biggest struggles is saying no to new responsibilities. Before you say yes, you must carefully look at what is already on your plate and weigh the pros and cons of adding a new responsibility. As a college student you have to realize you can’t do everything and you need to choose undertakings that help you grow educationally and professionally. If you load up on too many responsibilities you may find that you become disorganized and stressed, so remember that balance is key.

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