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Finding the Right Internship

November 30, 2016

College is the perfect time to gain knowledge and flourish as an individual, and completing an internship will take your growth a step further. The best part about an internship is you have the opportunity to test your skills in a real-world setting. Also not only will an internship offer you networking opportunities, but it may lead to permanent employment in the near future.

In preparation for applying to your perfect internship, make sure your resume is up-to-date and your cover letter is polished. Here at Colorado Mesa we offer services that assist students in building their resume. It is an awesome, free service that can help your resume stand out from the rest. 

Another beneficial service Colorado Mesa just launched is ePortfolio. This is an electronic portfolio students may use to exhibit their learning, experiences and work to potential employers. This tool may also help you land the perfect internship.

When it comes to finding an internship your first stop should be to talk to a professor in your department. At CMU, we are fortunate to have remarkable faculty who are willing to assist you in your search. In order to be successful students need to be proactive. If you are interested in a particular field or want to improve a specific skill set communicate that with your professor so they can connect you with the best possible opportunities.  

Another option is exploring the local area and researching companies that interest you, from there you can explore the career tab on their website to see if they have internship opportunities available.

Additionally, there are many useful online resources. A good resource I have come across is This site allows you to search for a specific kind of internship in cities across the nation.

LinkedIn is another valuable site when researching for an internship. This platform is essentially known as a virtual resume that also links you to businesses, professionals, professors and other students. I recently created a profile and ran across a few questions about the set-up, so I went to a CMU Business Department workshop where I learned more about LinkedIn and received answers to many of my questions.  

While I’m buried in my studies I often think of the quote “The more you learn, the more you earn” and having a solid internship will give you the keys to be a competitive employee in your desired future field.

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