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Education Hacks

November 16, 2016

Working hard and diligently studying will lead to success in college, but in order to up your academic game here are a few education hacks you can try out.

   1. Use Your Resources

Here at CMU there are many services operating in order to help students succeed. One that I have recently come cross is the librarians, they have an extreme amount of knowledge about many subjects and can help you access information throughout the library as well as online. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance or to use the resources provided.


   2. Test Prep

When I am done studying, but still feel unsure about the material I will meet up with someone from my class and to discuss it. Often if you can effectively explain and even teach the material then you most likely have a solid grasp of it.


   3. Essay Writing

Even if you edit your paper multiple times there always seems to be errors you don’t catch. Next time, try copying your paper into Google Translate and have it read your paper out loud. Listening to your essay will help you pinpoint sentences that don’t sound exactly right.


    4. Familiar Scents

Do you ever smell a particular scent and it brings back a memory? Take this same concept and apply it to your studying routine. There is a company who sells a Play Dough spray that is marketed specifically for memory and increased cognition. If you smell something particular and distinct while studying and smell it at the time of the test you are more likely to remember extra details.

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