Colorado Mesa University


As an undergraduate student at Colorado Mesa University, you’ll gain a vital foundation in critical thinking, calculation and communication skills. You’ll work alongside excellent teacher-scholars, who have chosen undergraduate instruction as the primary focus of their professional careers, to explore more deeply explore your major. You’ll be mentored by a faculty member from your chosen department, forging a relationship that will last long after you leave CMU. In short, Colorado Mesa University is large enough to offer most of the opportunities found at larger institutions, but small enough to make a student’s experience a personal one.

At the heart of your CMU experience is an approach to higher education that encourages you to think differently and empowers you to challenge assumptions. You’ll be pushed to attain expert knowledge in your major, while learning a broader context of the ideas needed to thrive in a complex world. CMU’s integrative and experiential learning model brings you together with expert scholars and out-of-the-box thinkers from different disciplines. You will make connections between contrasting ideas and gain the skills to solve unscripted, unstructured, complex problems you'll encounter in life.

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Programs Offered

  • Technical Certificate - Theatre - Acting/Directing
  • Technical Certificate - Theatre - Dance
  • Technical Certificate - Theatre - Design/Technology
  • Technical Certificate - Theatre - Music Theatre
  • Associate of Applied Science - Theatre - Acting/Directing
  • Associate of Applied Science - Theatre - Dance
  • Associate of Applied Science - Theatre - Design/Technology
  • Associate of Applied Science - Theatre - Music Theatre
  • Bachelor of Arts - Theatre – Acting/Directing
  • Bachelor of Arts - Theatre – Dance
  • Bachelor of Arts - Theatre – Design/Technology
  • Bachelor of Arts - Theatre – Music Theatre
  • Minor - Acting/Directing
  • Minor - Dance
  • Minor - Design/Technology
  • Minor - Music Theatre